Hello everyone! I don't know where you are in the world but I'm really enjoying this sudden burst of fall weather. With this cool weather I feel the urge to sew. Ok, I always feel the urge to sew but the new shipment of fabrics certainly help alot! As you may have noticed we brought in a three more Matryoshka Russian doll fabric in an assortment of fabrics. The small doll print (not shown here) is on heavy cotton/canvas weight. This first medium size russian doll print is on a quilting cotton weight. So pretty!

Lastly, the most unique, these nesting dolls are on a double gauze cotton, which gives it tons of cozy possibilities!

This time around we've also brought in some more ROBOTS!!! Whooo hooo! Maybe you forgot, but we love robots! Along with those robots we got a couple super cute owl prints. Also, last but not least we have in stock a fabric with stripes that run the length of the fabric, not to mention each stripe is a different design, take a look!

Hope these fabrics inspire something great in you all, have a great week! Enjoy!

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