Is everyone ready for a tutorial? I am! Today we will start with the easier of the two cozies. This one is for co-founder Devin who just wanted something simple to transport his iPad. He asked for a sleeve with a button, and this is what he got.

So as not to bombard you with images I will spread the tutorial over a couple of blog posts showing each completed step. If there are any questions I will happily answer and post follow up images if necessary. Now to begin we took one of our new robot fabrics as our outer layer, a layer of batting and a coordinating red flannel print for the inner layer. Devin enjoys flannel on the insides of his cozies because it is a nice screen protector and wipe. I gave generous seam allowances which you will see here.

Next I pinned just the batting and flannel to fit snugly around the iPad, leaving just enough room to slide it in and out.

I stitched the side and the bottom, and trimmed the edges.

Now that the inner part is ready we can work on the outer layer. To give enough room for the depth of the batting and flannel I allotted some extra space on either side of the inner part. The side on the fold is shown first.

The seam that was sewn on the other side was marked with sewer's chalk, pinned and sewn.

Here is what we have now, basically the same as what we did to the inner part. Once sewn it was trimmed.

But wait there is more! I'll share how it all gets put together including a couple special touches! Check out part two of the pocket iPad cozy.

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