Finally! Here it is, a different kind of cozy. I went more the direction of a fold over, folder type of cozy. What's nice about it is that the extra flap can be rolled up so you can prop the iPad up for wide view.

Here's where we got started.

As you can see I used two layers of batting for a little extra cushion. Same fabrics as the first one too! For stability I used an iron on stabilizer for the elastic that I will be putting on later.

Next I pinned all the layers together and did some fun zig zag quilting!

After this I outlined the iPad where it would be going (hopefully you can see the white chalk line!) and pinned the elastic into place. The top right elastic is a bit different than the others because of the volume buttons.

It was at this point I pulled out some single fold bias tape. It went over the white chalk line to cover up the (trimmed) ends of the elastic and provide more support for keeping them in place.

Now is the time to pin the edges, similar to a basting stitch. Then I trimmed the edges.

I also stitched a line where the cozy would fold over.

Then I put some double fold bias tape around the sides, stitching to the robot (outer) side first. I also stitched in small elastic tabs for the buttons I added on the front.

And then we were done! Yay!

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