Hello All! 

We are kicking off this beautiful summer with a easy and fabulous project. This scarf was inspired by a scrap of fabric we had laying around. You might recognize this fabric, an Echino print glasses on green. We had a 10 inch piece that we really wanted to stretch and make something great out with, so we matched it with some handy sheeting weight fabric to make this fun infinity scarf.

Let's get started! Our 10" scrap was cut length wise into two 5" pieces. After I trimmed the selvedge ends the two strips measured 5" by 44". I cut two pieces of the sheeting fabric to almost the same dimensions, 2.5" by 44", so that it is more of an accent than an equal. I cut another piece of the sheeting fabric 10" by 88" for the backing.

At this point I sewed the two strips of glasses on green together into one long strip, and the same with the two sheeting fabric strips as well. I gave the seams a quick press, and once that was done I sewed the two new strips together lengthwise. A quick press of the seam and we have our top piece.

Now that the top piece was ready I put right sides together, top piece and backing. I sewed them on the long sides only, making sure to leave 1/2" unsewn at either end. After this I turned it right side out and pressed the edges. As you can see I pinned the scarf down to the ironing board, I like to do this to keep the edges straight.

Next I matched up the ends of the top piece. I sewed the ends together right where the inside stitching ends, at the 1/2" seam allowance. I highly suggest switching out your flat sewing foot for your zipper foot, it will make it easier to sew along the folded back seam allowance. Almost done!

To finish up I came across a couple options. I could have just folded under one end of the backing ends and hand stitched for a "hidden" seam. But because I am a sucker for top-stitching, I went ahead and sewed through both layers, across the "end" of the scarf and top-stitched around the entirety of the scarf. I even used a green coordinating thread for the top side.

Now go out and enjoy your creation! This scarf is perfectly light-weight for summer, or you could go even lighter weight and make it out of a great voile fabric. Leave us a comment and let us know how you would make this scarf your own!

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