I call mine a sewing buddy, but I'll admit that sometimes it's a crocheting buddy or just generic crafting buddy. It can hold whatever you need to keep handy. Even better, it can go with you from sewing machine to couch!

Here's what I started out with (but of course you can alter it to your preference):


  • 2 strips of fabric, for this project 7.5" wide
    • 1 piece of that cut to 18.5" for backing
  • 1 strip of batting (for heft) 7" wide by 18" long
  • 1 piece of 3/8" elastic (for a pocket)
  • (Optional) Interfacing for pockets

 At this point you can set your batting and backing pieces aside, unless of course you wanted to do some decorative free-style topstitching (totally optional but adds an extra personalization).

OK, let's get back to business. We'll work our way from bottom to top with the untouched 7.5" strip. From the bottom I measured about 5 inches and folded down, stitching along the fold to define the row of pockets. I gave that pocket a depth of about 1.5" for smaller pockets. This will accommodate smaller items like a handy measuring gauge, a thimble or two, or safety pins.


For the next row of pockets I measured up 1 inch from the top of the last pocket and stitched. That row of pockets gets a depth of 3" for slightly larger items like snippers, seam ripper, and chalk. Follow up with another pocket, 1" above the previous with a depth of 3.5" for much longer items like pens, pencils, tweezers and scissors. 

Now we make these rows into real pockets. This time we will work from top to bottom row, and really make this your own by varying the widths of the pockets. As you can see the 2 rightmost pockets go through all 3 rows, but the bottom two rows get larger side pockets. All I did was start at the top of the 2nd row and pull the top row out from underneath it before I started stitching. Easy as that!

Now for that pocket. I decided on a flower pot shaped pocket. The pocket is 7" at the base and 9" at the top, 5" tall. If you cut it on the fold it makes it easier. First decide how big you will like it, since I'm using elastic to make it smaller I just went with the dimensions of the project, 7". I added a couple inches to that to really help out the elastic. You'll divide these two numbers and measure out from the fold. From there a straight line between the two gives you your flower pot shape. Fold back the top making a pocket for the elastic and wiggle the elastic in. Before we get ahead of ourselves, I like to do a basting stitch on the first edge and that will stitch the elastic in. You can also do that at the other end when you get there. Now that's a pocket! Fold back the 2 sides and stitch it onto the bottom of your pockets. 

Almost done! At this point we can line up the pocket piece and the backing, right sides together. I stitched an inch into the top side and around the other 3 sides (just to the outside of the batting so that it will turn well). This leaves a place to turn it right side out, but don't forget to snip your corners first.

Straighten your sides, push out those corners and fold in your opening. At this time you can hand stitch that closed or give it a topstitch and it will finish you up! Now you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, you'll wonder how you got along without one! Don't forget to show us pictures of your sewing buddies on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. Have a great weekend!



neat idea!! i’m going to try making one!!

Aug 27, 2012

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