It is easy to say, I love fabric! Buying a great piece of fabric purely for the print or color can make your heart melt. We all have different styles, mix and match colors/patterns differently, but sometimes a fabric just calls to us. To me, fabric is the basis for a love of sewing. Besides the ability to create and the freedom to make something exactly to your liking, a great fabric can really bring it all together. You've got your fabric in hand and you want to give it a future, where do you start? Or, maybe you've had your eye on a fabric but don't know how you would use it.

Nowadays, the first place one would go to for some inspiration is Pinterest. Sometimes you may even go to Etsy and see what others are making. My personal all-time favorite source of inspiration, books. 

Bend-the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol is a great book for beginners and experienced alike. Reminders about the basics, but also some tips and tricks around some great and useful projects. The patterns are great on their own but are a wonderful stepping stone to creating something of your very own. 

Chic & Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes is a fantastic start for an aspiring garment maker. Why not make something yourself that fits you so well. Basics are given, tailored to garment making (i.e. measuring, sizes, fabric types and trims). This book is laid out by season and contain every day basics to date night dresses. With pattern pieces included, this book walks you through so even the least experienced of you garment makers will make it through with something to show for it.

Design-It-Yourself Clothes by Cal Patch helps you to take your clothing into your own hands. Or, putting your fabric onto your own body. When you get to the point where you're comfortable "winging it" this is the book for you! Especially once you've found that perfect cozy fabric for a tunic. And you can adjust that tunic to perfectly fit your shorter than average torso (or longer than average, sizes are iffy nowadays). Then you can run wild, throw in some lace or switch up those sleeves and it is a one of a kind, just like you!

We hope these suggestions amp up your inspiration and maybe even lessen the fear of cutting into that brand new fabric waiting to be your next project. Share your inspiring books, websites and don't forget to pin with us on Pinterest. Happy sewing!

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