Soon enough we will have this print and more! We are waiting ever so patiently for our newest shipment that will bring us some great prints! If all of the stars align just right, we will have new Hello Kitty, along with some of her friends! We'll have some more Echino prints (like that beauty above) and adorable coordinating prints. We can't wait! 

In preparation for the new prints we'll be showcasing some great projects in the next few weeks, some accessories and some amazingly useful items for around the house! We are very excited to bring so many projects to the blog, it is a wonderful summer of sewing!

Also, as a reminder, we've still got the summer sale going, so tell all your friends! Use promo code FRSummer15 at checkout to receive 15% off of your entire order! Don't forget, this sale goes away at the end of September! 

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