Bows are everywhere. It's a fact. But they're also not hard to make, so if you have bow fever, you are a few short minutes away from having bows aplenty! Maybe you like a traditional looking bow. Maybe something frilly, with some lace? Or just get creative!

Let's start with the more "official" way to make a bow tie. You'll start with a large rectangle. You'll want the width to be just longer than you'll want your bow tie to be, and double the length. This example is 5 inches by 9 inches. Fold your rectangle in half lengthwise (right sides together) and sew around all the open edges leaving a space to turn right side out. Once you're done sewing your edges you can turn it right side out and give it a top-stitch, this also closes up that opening we left.

We'll also need a skinny strip of matching fabric to make the center piece. It can be as wide or thin as you like, for this bow tie I've made a finished piece of 1 inch width following the same instructions as above. You could also do this with a piece of ribbon. To get your square to look bow-like just pinch it, or fan-fold and wrap your strip around the center. Just give your strip a few hand stitches in the back and you're all set!

Some of the other bows were not made like this, you can see they're made with just pinking shears instead of the method we used above. Maybe you don't want your bow to be so serious, make them fun! Now you can pin your bow to a headband, a purse or go crazy and pin a few in a row. Enjoy your bows! 

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