If you're anything like us, we can spend hours being inspired by the numerous projects on Pinterest. But then you wonder, how do you make them your own? So in the spirit of inspiration the next few projects will be our take on some of our favorite Pinterest projects! First we start with the Coffee Cup Sleeve project we found that was pinned from Crafty Staci. She is kind enough to provide a pattern piece on her blog, and from there the possibilities are endless!

I used the pattern piece to cut out my pieces, I also cut two strips of my lace to use as an accent. The lace pieces are just about an inch wide and will be sewn in-between the body of the sleeve. You'll notice that she uses batting or heat resistant fabric inside of her body pieces, but I didn't use them since my body fabric is nice and thick. 

 Once I sewed all my pieces together I turned it right side out. I placed my elastic in one of the ends and proceeded to top-stitch the body to flatten it out and give it stability.

I overlapped the ends a tiny bit and put straight pins where by buttons would go. Above you'll see that I already had put in place my first button. Once that second button is in place you're all set to go with your very own personalized coffee mug sleeve!

Since we're kicking off our Pinterest Project Series this week we're giving you another project tomorrow! See you then!

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