If you're anything like me, you're a big fan of tote bags. They lug your library books and carry your groceries, but what happens when you need a little extra oomph in your tote? I like to toss everything in there: keys, wallet, cell phone, sometimes even a lip balm or pen. I was fond of this detachable pocket that I found on Pinterest so I re-worked it to my advantage. I had a couple tote bags in mind, my favorite go-to bags when I need a little more room for things.

First part is easiest, pick your fabrics! I used some batting for structure, quilt binding for the straps and a couple buttons (but you could use velcro if you feel so inclined). I sewed up the main layer, with additional outer pocket, then gave it a few stitches to the batting.

Now is a good time to put what you have so far into your tote to see how long of straps you will want. Once I figured that out I gave the binding some stitches and had my sewing machine give me button holes. I made an extra set of holes to make it more versatile. Sew on your buttons and sew up your inside pocket, same size as the piece you have made so far but without batting.

Next step is to pin the straps to the outer pocket, fold that up and stick it into the inner pocket making sure to leave an opening. Once you've stitched this up you can turn it right side out, maybe even pinning the opening and giving it a quick press with your iron. You could hand sew this, but I prefer to give it a top-stitch since it closes that opening and gives it a finished look. 

All done! Now you've got a handy little tote pocket to give some organization to your friendly tote bag! Enjoy that this weekend on your picnic or trip to the farmer's market. Happy Memorial Weekend!

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