Do you do any stretching at home? Or maybe you could use some extra support on your favorite chair? I started a new yoga class (fairly) recently and we use one every class. Then it clicked, it could be double duty, not just a one-trick pony. So here we go, a home made bolster that will be washer-friendly for when something is inevitably spilled.


I purchased a poly quilt batting, sized for a full bed, since it was approximately the size of pillow I wanted. Using some plain cotton muslin I cut out a rectangle the same length as the batting. I wrapped it around the batting and cut with just enough overlap to have about a 1/2" seam allowance. I also cut out two circles of muslin that are just larger than the round ends of the batting. This will make the permanent cover for the batting, as if purchasing an already made pillow form.


This will be washable just like any other pillow. It also doesn't have to be pretty since we will make a removable pillow case for it. I used my serger to sew up the long side of the rectangle and one of the round ends. I turned it inside out and stuffed the batting into it. At this point you could hand sew the final end on, or if it fits in your machine you can sew it up that way. I pushed down the batting a bit to give me room to fit it in my serger. 

I made the removable cover just like I made the permanent case. I pieced together some strips of fabric and quilted them to a piece of batting for a little extra cushion. I sewed up the length of the rectangle and one of the ends, just like before, except this time I hand sewed the last end.

Now you've got a bolster pillow! 

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