When you think of a diaper bag you know it will need all the essentials. Really, you'll be able to live out of it. And then, if you're anything slightly resembling tidy, you would appreciate some level of organization that is easy to keep up. I came across a couple different projects, a diaper pouch and a changing pad clutch, that inspired me to make a diaper/wipe case. These are two things that go together, so why not keep them close and easily accessible?  

I started by making the inside. The divider measures about 7.25" long by 5.75" wide. I wanted the divider to 'float' between the diapers and the wipe case so I made it slightly shorter than the length of the wipe case. The liner piece on the wipe case side is 2" less than the piece for the diaper side so that it could be nice and snug on the case. The liner pieces are 11.5" long, wipe side is 7.25" wide and the diaper side is 9.25" wide. I stitched up the sides and when I got to the bottom I put in some pleats so I could just stitch right across.

To accomodate the liner as a whole I made the outer shell pieces 8.5" wide and 11.5" long. If you did the math, that adds an extra half inch of width, but that is because I will be adding batting to give the case some structure. Then I gave the outer shell a stitch 1.5" in from each corner. I also made a strap to keep everything from falling out. I put a button hole on the strap and added a button to the outside.

Now to bring it all together! Place the divider/liner into the outer shell and fold down the sides evenly, pinning while you go. At this point I pinned in the strap to the middle of the 'back' side and decided where to place my button on the front. Then with a couple of stitches around the opening we're all done!

Make one for yourself or for the special new little person in your life! Have a great weekend!

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