Welcome to Fabric Robot's first quilt along! Quilting is a long enough process without considering all the love you want to put into your work. So, I figured, for our first quilt along we would start on the simple side with a baby quilt. Baby quilts are generally very basic, but with a little creativity you can keep basic from being boring. For this quilt I decided I'd use the giant star quilt as inspiration. 

When it came to colors, I used some art work that will hang in this very lucky baby's room. The colors pretty much span the rainbow, but certain shades were preferable. Then all I had to do was the fabric shopping, which was a breeze (Shout out to Stonemountain & Daughter, best brick & mortar in the Bay)!!


Alright, so here is where I let myself go a little. You'll notice the quilt is solid pieces, yet I bought 3 of each color. The why of it is that I wanted to do some patchwork so I wasn't limiting myself, I wanted a variety of shades and colors. But I still wanted a simple layout. Here is where the chart comes in handy.

Now you can see where I was going. As much as I like lots of colors I also appreciate balance, so I needed to make my version of the giant star quilt have some symmetry. I really liked the idea of the dark purples being the "border", being a strong contrast to the fun of all the other colors. I also wanted to accentuate the greens, since I knew these would be fun and bright, so I made them the "main star". Then I split the rest between the shades of blue and the Red Orange Yellow (get it, the ROY of the ROYGBIV!). 

Here's where we get to the math. This pattern is for a square quilt, when you go to buy a 'crib' size batting it is usually 34" by 45". For the sake of measuring, I checked mine out and it was 35" by 45". So my final product will be a 35" square (give or take). 


Maybe you want to make this quilt, or just follow along in the process while you endeavor on your own kind of quilt. The process will be the same. A quilt takes planning, cutting, piecing, layout and then it all comes together! 

Next up, week 2!

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