Welcome back! So last time I shared the inspiration for our very first quilt along. This quilt is going to be great and will go to a very lucky little one in a just a few months! Now let's get back to work.

When we left off we talked about the size of the quilt. Essentially we are dealing with 9" squares, before taking into consideration seam allowances and whatnot. This is why last time I threw in the "So my final product will be a 35" square (give or take)". Let me explain to you what my plan is for the patchwork.

To give you an idea of where we are going with this let's first realize that we are going to need squares. The purples in the four corners and around the sides make up the "background", of which we will need 8 squares in total. Here is the tally:

  • Purple squares: 8
  • Green squares: 4
  • Blue squares: 2
  • ROY squares: 2

Now is where it gets exciting! The picture step-by-step will help make sense of my process. 

I cut the fabrics into strips of 9" by 3". For every square you will need one strip of each color that goes in it. To clarify, each square will include 3 different fabrics (Red/Orange/Yellow, Blues, Greens, Purples) so in total you will need:

  • Purple strips: 24
  • Green strips: 12
  • Blue strips: 6
  • ROY strips: 6

To get the patchwork all going we first need to sew like colors together. I'll be slicing them up later to further the patchwork look, so to make that more exciting don't sew them all up the same way. See:


To keep track of our measurements, I used a 1/4" seam, which leaves our squares 9" by 8.5". This is the time where I like to give my squares a press with an iron, to keep everything nice and flat. After a press, I give each square a cut down the center and across the middle. Keep like colors together for when we piece them back together. (This is a variation of a 9-square, but you could certainly cut thinner strips of all your colors and really do some piece work. This is one of the times where you can make it your own.)


Now let your imagination run wild piecing them together. It really gives some life to the squares! After sewing these guys up another press with the iron is needed. 


Our squares are all complete! But don't we need some triangles? Take a nice stretch, you deserve it after all that work! We'll worry about the triangles next time...



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