Week 3 of our quilt along! Thanks for understanding about the delay, there were technical difficulties but we are picking up where we left off!

When we last met we had just finished our patchwork squares and were preparing to cut them on the diagonal. As you might remember, our corner squares are going to be all purple. We could have left them as is, but we decided to cut them up like the rest of our squares. We're gonna give them the triangle treatment too! From one corner to the opposite corner we're going to slice them up, all of them. This will take some time, so grab a chair and don't forget to give your hands a stretch between colors!

All done? This next part takes something of a clever eye, but it doesn't need to. Pull out that pattern chart and clear a space on your carpet or a table because we're going to plan our layout!

Maybe you just want to pick the first triangle in the pile, maybe you want to line up some squares. This is where you really make it your own! 

 (This, as you will find out, looks unruly and it is hard to photograph. I'll save you the crummy photos.) 

Now that you've got your layout all set it is time to sew it up. Here is another part where it is especially important to take your time. Pick one square at a time to sew and place it back on the ground so you don't mix things up. Take it a row at a time to keep things tidy. 


Also due to unruly-ness, the 'squares' had to be trimmed down a bit to make them more square-like. Not a problem, because if we need to make up for space we can add a border or just make the quilt smaller.

If you kept your corner squares intact, you'll notice that they are going to be slightly longer in length now compared to our pieced squares. All you need to do is center the longer squares with the shorter squares and trim them once it all comes together. 

Once you get past this quick little snag it is back to the sewing machine! Start with the top row and sew your squares together. Once I was done with my rows I gave them a quick press with the iron. Sew up the rows and give them a quick press.

Now, because the squares had to be trimmed down, and I already know the finished dimension I want, I will make up the difference with a border! I made up strips of the fabrics and alternated colors. The strips are the width that I need to make up the difference in size. 

Finally! We've got ourselves a quilt top!! Next week we'll tackle the quilt back, so have a great weekend everyone!

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