Technical difficulties prevent me from bringing you week 3 of the quilt along. Apparently my sewing machine decided to take an early 4th of July vacation. Instead we bring you an inspirational roundup of Pinterest projects!

Lately I've noticed how Pinterest has had a little something for everyone. And it's fantastic! Because sometimes, what we really want is to be able to make something for our special (fill in the blank here). Those babies and pets, husbands (or wives) and friends are all deserving of some hand-made love. Here's a roundup of some of the awesome things we've been admiring lately!


For the Guys:

DIY bow-tie pattern

Basic Wallet


For the Little Ones:

Baby Bloomers




Pet Crate Cover

Dog (or Cat) Necktie and Collar


Great Gifts:

Travel Tote

Summer Scarf (Ok, not a new one but it's still a great gift!)

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