Just like "Wedding" or "Maternity", when you put the word "Baby" in front of any item the price practically doubles. And as we all know, baby things just end up getting soiled and washed over and over, so why pay so much? If you have a yard of fabric and a bit of elastic you can make your own changing pad cover in less than an hour!! Isn't that exciting? 
I started out with a regular changing pad that's length measures just under 30 inches, which is why a yard of fabric is pretty perfect. Especially once you wash it, it is all ready to go! Lay down your fabric right side facing up and center your pad on top of the fabric as best you can. 
I went ahead and placed a few pins in the straps that are on the underside to keep the fabric in place. (The straps are there in case you are using this pad on an actual changing table. These straps are still functional when using this cover so no worries!)
Next step is to find your corners and angle the fabric to make a corner. The first two pictures below show that corner pinned. The next two pictures show what the corners will look like once you sew them up and trim the extra fabric off.
Once you've sewn up all your corners you'll notice that a couple of the sides of the fabric will be longer than the other two sides. The better you centered your pad at the beginning will make fixing this easier. Just take your scissors and cut a straight line from the stitching of one corner to the next. This will leave you with something like this...
You'll notice in the first picture below that because of the way the corners fold the fabric won't line up so well, but once this is all done you will hardly notice. The next picture shows the inside of the corner and how we have enough extra fabric to make an elastic pocket. If you remember from the crib sheet tutorial you'll recognize this next step. Fold over the edge about 1/4" and give that a stitch all the way around. Next, make the pocket for the elastic by folding over the edge again by about an inch and give that a stitch. Don't forget to leave an opening for the elastic! 
The opening you leave should be big enough to maneuver the elastic through and pin down the other end so you don't lose it, which you see in the first two pictures below. The next picture shows what it looks like once you've pulled the elastic through the pocket and test the cover on the pad. Adjust the elastic as needed, to your preference. The fourth picture shows the elastic I pulled out as I adjusted the stretch of the cover.
Lastly, you'll sew the ends of the elastic together and close up the opening you put the elastic through. Since the fabric is already washed you are all set to go! I suggest making at least 2 (if not more) to alternate with when one is dirty. Congrats, you made your very own changing pad cover! We hope some lucky little one enjoys your talents!

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